Hello everyone

Welcome to my first blog…ever! What a strange spring/early summer we have all had. Little did I realize when I started thinking about the Kanya Clothing Website last summer how the world would have changed so much… or shopping even. I’m not sure how your journey has been and I’m really hoping that you have not been very ill yourself or lost a loved one. My thoughts are with you if you have.

Hopefully I will have met some of you in our shops in Wellington & Minehead, both in Somerset. I’ve been asked so many times over the years for a way that you can buy online… and always given the reason I am too busy in the shops. Well not now, but frankly the reason I have n’t done so yet is… I was scared, I’m a real technophobe.

It is time to ‘put my big girl breeches on’ as a close friend who teaches mindfulness says and get on with it, so here we go.

I do hope that you are enjoying good things in lockdown. rediscovering old talents & hobbies or new. It should not be just about the hard, scary bits we see on the TV every day. Whether it is learning to love to bake again as I have rediscovered (new wardrobe required) or exploring the countryside on your doorstep. Reading a good book, crafting or gardening. What ever keeps us sane & gives us joy at present.

Do wear any of your new clothes in the garden, take a photo too so you can look at them in years to come.

Tracy-Anne X